THE NAME by Stuart Bell // £8.00


Throughout the Bible we read of many 'names' being attributed to God. Each is designed to reveal to us a different aspect of His character and communicates something of how God desires to interact with us. Above all, the names of God show us that he wants to meet our needs in every area of life. Stuart Bell takes us on a journey through a number of God's names, allowing the truths contained in each to reveal all that God desires to be and do for us. A crafted prayer at the end of each chapter helps readers to apply these truths to their own lives.


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REBUILDING THE WALLS by Stuart Bell // £6.99


In this book Stuart Bell examines closely the 'shape' of our contemporary Church. He reminds us of our roots and the path that has led the renewal growth to it's present day position. He issues a challenge to us not to remain static after all that has been achieved, but to go deeper into God's plan and purpose for His people. Stuart shows us that a new, dynamic and vital Church can and must exist. A timely, stirring and inspiring book that deserves to be widely read.

LIFE OUT LOUD by Dave Bell // £8.00


Life can be frantic, fleeting, and full of challenges. It can also be a wonderful discovery, packed with adventure. Whatever your experience, there's no doubt that it doesn't come equipped with a step-by-step manual. Having faced some of life's most daunting issues at an early age, Dave Bell reflects on his path so far and shares some practical insights that will help you plot your own course as you navigate your own uncharted territory. Focusing on the simple truth of God's word, this real, honest life-story invites us to take a deep breath, look ahead and begin to live every day to the full.


MUD IN THE EYE by Stuart and Dave Bell // £8.00


"This book is powerful and poignant. It charts a journey through some really rough weather, shows us practically how we can weather our own storms and offers hope to let us know that we too can sing in the rain. Highly recommended." - Jeff Lucas


"As I read Dave Bell's story my emotions were stirred, by mind stimulated and my faith nourished. I was infused with more faith, hope and love and I am sure you will be." - J.John

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Freedom Calls

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Freedom Calls DVD

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LIFEWISE VOL.1 by Stuart Bell // £5.00


A series of 10 CDs by Alive Church's Senior Pastor, Stuart Bell. This series draws from the book of Proverbs and the wisdom and insight that can be found when we apply this teaching to our own lives.


LIFEWISE VOL.2 by Stuart Bell // £5.00


A series of 7 CDs by Alive Church's Senior Pastor, Stuart Bell. Volume 2 of this series continues to draw from the book of Proverbs and the wisdom and insight that can be found when we apply this teaching to our own lives.


THE PRESENCE by Stuart Bell // £5.00


Contains 8 messages that are highly inspirational. Based around the return of the ark to Jerusalem in 1 Chronicles 13-16, this ground-breaking series deals comprehensively with the subject of worship and in particular addresses some of the key issues relevant to worship in the 21st century. A must for anyone with a heart for God's presence.




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