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Explore life-changing encounters with the risen Jesus.


ALIVE is an opportunity to explore the life-changing implications of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

You can journey alongside the first followers as they encountered Jesus after he’d risen from the dead, and discover how he met their deepest needs.More importantly, how he can meet yours.


Imagine how much richer your life would be if:instead of living with a sense of rejection, insecurity or a lack of self-worth, you knew at a deep level what it was to be completely and unconditionally loved. instead of being weighed down by past disappointments, you were filled with a new sense of hope.instead of feeling overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, you experienced a tremendous sense of peace.


instead of being burdened by guilt, shame and failure, you enjoyed a new sense of freedom.instead of living without a real and clear sense of meaning, you found and fulfilled your true life purpose.

I am Alive Back Web.jpg

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